More on Chinese Translation Websites

Last time I talked about and its features.

This time I would like to talk about as a great website.

Features included:

Best Feature — Write a Chinese Character with your mouse to find its translational meaning!!!

Example sentences

Featured emails that are topic focused

Saved Vocabulary Lists

Stroke order demo

Pronunciation demo (both male and female)

Community based Q&A

Typical dictionary features of course

Video examples of meanings

Picture associations

Search Widgets – for your blog or website

Toolbar with tooltip dictionary

MSN robot – gives you quick translation of unknown words

nicku Mobile and iPhone App

nicku Mini – smaller version of the dictionary for when you are browsing other websites.

There are so many different applications and tools on this website that I have not been able to use them all. It is a wonderful website, but sometimes it can be a little much all on one page and it can take a while to get used to the organizational design. There are also a lot more advertisements on the website than with, however it is not overly cumbersome.

The feature I love the most is the ability to write a Chinese character with your mouse and then be able to find its meaning. I would love to find more sites that offer this option!

That’s all for today!


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