Quiet Nights of China Dreams

Vivid dreams can change the way you feel all day long. Some dreams can even change lives. I had a dream to work with the Chinese people one day. I remember looking up at the stars and just having a feeling that one day I would have something to do with China and its people. Since that quiet night, I have both forgotten my dreams for shallow blinding goals and renewed my passion with faith, guts, and blood.

Being a dreamer is no easy road, but it can be quite moving and thrilling. I have flown thousands of miles, met people who thought nothing like me, had beer bottles thrown at me, lived in an apartment by a beautiful river of skyscrapers and swarms of people, brushed shoulders with some of the most talented women and men golfers in the world, discussed opportunities with a billionaire in Mandarin, found new friendships that have changed my perspectives on life, eaten scorpions, frogs, and chicken heads, and come home with a new burning desire to share my life-changing perspectives with the world. (Well, at least life-changing for me).

I believe in sharing life’s lessons. It helps you remember. It helps you implement those lessons and with time that implementation just might help you live a little bit more than you could have. Sure, it still takes blood and guts and a whole lot more, but that’s because you are living new dreams and finding new adventures. So, share your life with someone who cares. Don’t think of yourself as a mentor, but as someone who just loved their life so much they can’t help but share it with others. Here’s to a thrilling life worth living and the sweet taste of adventure in the determination to live out our dreams as far as they will take us!

About Global China Blog - Biz, Culture, and Life

I am a lover of China. I graduated from the University of Hawaii's China International MBA in 2010. At BYU, my undergraduate degree in history focused on modern US and Asian history. I am an expert negotiator and recently negotiated a multimillion dollar contract with the LPGA and IMG to bring the first ladies professional golf tournament to Mainland China since its first tournament in 2008. While in Utah, I helped an online marketing start-up company grow from 20 employees to over 120 employees as Director of Operations and later VP of Sales and Marketing. Whether its China, strategy, or sales, I love being with people and helping them see their own unique offering and how to align themselves accordingly.
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2 Responses to Quiet Nights of China Dreams

  1. Faith, guts, and blood. Now there’s the truth of it.

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