New Posts On Their Way

As an announcement and stronger commitment to my blog, I will be publishing new blog posts every Wednesday, starting with the new year. I was holding off on a lot of planned posts over these past couple of months because I started a new job and I needed to differentiate what I was excited about at work and what I wanted this blog to be about.

This blog will focus on building stronger and more effective relationships between China and the U.S.A. Unfortunately, there are few news corporations in either country that provide such information. Too often, news companies are busy trying to sell fear, greed, and shock. I think there is value in perspective, friendships, partnerships, and trust.

I will also write posts on requested topics and hopefully as my blog blossoms, I will provide guest posts from other China experts. Thank you to all who take the time to read my posts and I hope to improve the quality of the content over this next year.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, especially my superstar wife!


About Global China Blog - Biz, Culture, and Life

I am a lover of China. I graduated from the University of Hawaii's China International MBA in 2010. At BYU, my undergraduate degree in history focused on modern US and Asian history. I am an expert negotiator and recently negotiated a multimillion dollar contract with the LPGA and IMG to bring the first ladies professional golf tournament to Mainland China since its first tournament in 2008. While in Utah, I helped an online marketing start-up company grow from 20 employees to over 120 employees as Director of Operations and later VP of Sales and Marketing. Whether its China, strategy, or sales, I love being with people and helping them see their own unique offering and how to align themselves accordingly.
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4 Responses to New Posts On Their Way

  1. Melinda says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Tracy L. Murray says:


    I agree with Melinda – can’t wait to read the new posts!

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