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I am a lover of China. I graduated from the University of Hawaii's China International MBA in 2010. At BYU, my undergraduate degree in history focused on modern US and Asian history. I am an expert negotiator and recently negotiated a multimillion dollar contract with the LPGA and IMG to bring the first ladies professional golf tournament to Mainland China since its first tournament in 2008. While in Utah, I helped an online marketing start-up company grow from 20 employees to over 120 employees as Director of Operations and later VP of Sales and Marketing. Whether its China, strategy, or sales, I love being with people and helping them see their own unique offering and how to align themselves accordingly.

30 Guidelines for Doing Business in China

For my first post of the year, I thought I would offer a useful list of things to consider when doing business in China or with a Chinese company. This is obviously not comprehensive, but I hope it is robust … Continue reading

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New Posts On Their Way

As an announcement and stronger commitment to my blog, I will be publishing new blog posts every Wednesday, starting with the new year. I was holding off on a lot of planned posts over these past couple of months because … Continue reading

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Is that all of China or just their Government?

Emotional reactions to China’s government can lead us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. However, we should separate the issues and realize who is who. An unelected government can not fully represent its people and therefore we should not resent Chinese culture or Chinese people in response to government actions we don’t agree with. Continue reading

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Quiet Nights of China Dreams

I have dreamed of China and then lived out those dreams in many ways. Now I want to share my dreams with everyone I can because I loved my experiences so much. In fact you should be sharing your dreams with someone who cares. You’ll be glad you did! Continue reading

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Mass Exercising – Try a new Culture on for Size

As Beijing pushes for a renewed effort at incorporating mass exercising into the work life of its citizens, we can be reminded of the benefits of cultural participation. Continue reading

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Falling off the cultural bike

If we want to develop effective international relationships, we have to look ahead as we learn how to ride the cultural bike in this global world. Continue reading

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Chinese Perspectives Reveal Doubtful Hopes of an American Recovery

While studying at Sun Yat-Sen University, many of my Chinese counterparts doubted America’s continued economic greatness in the world. China’s success was a sign to them of America’s decline. However, I disagree with the notion that we are somehow proportionally inverse. Continue reading

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6 Easy Ways to Stay Current with China on the Internet

Knowing the latest information about China is key to staying relevant in today’s fast-paced competitive market. Here are 6 easy things you can do on the Internet to stay connected. Now go and do it! Continue reading

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China: A Firewall Away from Facebook’s Global Conversations

The great firewall of China keeps the West from engaging with actual Chinese citizens on the world’s most popular social webistes, such as facebook. Without these interactions, Chinese people are not taking part in the global conversation and thus the social disconnection continues between China and the West. Continue reading

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China’s Real Opportunity for Growth

China’s growing domestic consumption is the window of opportunity. China’s low cost advantage is a dying advantage and will soon be taken over by other third world countries, so why not focus in on a lasting trend of exporting products to China? It’s probably your best chance for sustainable growth! Continue reading

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